Can you lay the PS5 down horizontally?

The PlayStation 5 was revealed vertically standing but can you lay the PS5 down horizontally?

Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5 console today. Closing out today’s PS5 event was the eagerly awaited first-look at the box that will house the hardware. It is quite unlike anything Sony has ever put out before.

If you thought the PlayStation 4 was unique it’s in design, check out what Sony has in store for the PlayStation 5.

I have to admit, I absolutely love the slick, curved design. The blue lights give off an Alienware vibe and the white color gives it a sleek look. But I will admit, after the reveal I had one question.

Can I lay the PlayStation 5 down horizontally?

The promo video featured the PS5 standing proudly in a vertical position with a base. It looks nice but it’s somewhat impractical for someone like me who has to store it in a traditional entertainment center. I need to be able to lay it down flat.

Well, good news. It looks like the PS5 can be set up in the horizontal position. It was shown very briefly during the end of the presentation.

It looks like it still utilizes the black stand although, admittedly, I’m not sure how it all works. Does it snap into something? Based on the size, it also looks like it could be a bit wobbly.

The PS5 definitely seems designed to be stood up vertically. It’s nice that we still have the option to lay it down horizontally but it definitely looks weird. I’ve also got friends who are concerned about the color (their significant other strongly prefers their electronics to be black to blend in better with the environment). Unfortunately, it looks like white is the only color the PS5 will come in at launch.

As for the system itself, Sony revealed two models. There’s the standard PlayStation 5 with a hard drive and then the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without the ugly disc slot. Pricing was not announced for either one.

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