Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Dodo Airlines’ newest feature is an inventory blessing

Dodo Airlines has a new feature that will make managing your inventory in Animal Crossing: New Horizons easier and less of a chore.

Breaking news! In the middle of all the June Wedding stuff going on in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Orville and Wilbur of Dodo Airlines added a much requested feature to their flight service!

When you go through the Wedding Day photography stuff, which I talked about here, you’ll be told about Dodo Airline’s new “Item Delivery and Liquidation” features.

Long story short, whenever you fly to an island and you find your inventory getting full, you can now do one of two things with the pilot. The first is that you can have him fly stuff in your inventory back to the island which will go directly to your home and into your storage. That’s if you make it to Tarantula Island and want to just flood your storage with those little bell making critters.

The other option is where they are now tied to Nook’s Cranny. Much like the late-night drop box outside the store, you can sell your items to the pilot who then drops them off to Nook’s Cranny at a lesser value. This is great if you have a bunch of stuff on you that you don’t want to keep but would like some bells for it.

These features are exceptional, especially for people like me who constantly fly places and  completely forgetting to leave all my junk at home. Happy flying, everyone!

The Wedding Day photography event and this new feature are just some of what Nintendo has planned for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dataminers have recently uncovered a whole bunch of other exciting features and additions that should be coming to the Nintendo Switch game in the near future.

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