Best video game streamers to watch while social-distancing

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Who is providing the best content for viewers to enjoy while they are stuck at home? Here are our recommendations for best streamers to watch.

Coronavirus is taking it’s toll on society: businesses are closing down for extended periods of time, schools are finishing the year, almost every sport season has been postponed if not cancelled entirely. Even the Overwatch League has had to make some major changes to keep the E-sports scene alive right now.

Shelter in place orders have been placed on many states and countries around the globe, meaning that many people will be at home, needing something to help pass the time. Of course, there are plenty of video games to help fill that time, with mobile Teamfight Tactics and Animal Crossing: New Horizons arriving at the perfect time. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Warzone is free to play on all consoles except switch, Doom Eternal is an amazing 20 hour experience, and there is no shame in playing 300 hours of Minecraft over the next few weeks.

But sometimes, getting your gaming fill is not just about having a controller in your hands. Either that is not accessible or people do not have the time to commit to sitting down and playing 8-10 hours sessions. Those members of the gaming community also need an outlet to get their gaming fill, and that is where streamers step in.

There are plenty of streaming platforms available now with thousands of games and thousands of streamers to choose from, and just finding one to watch can take up to an hour of your time. Of those thousands of streamers, who is most likely to help entertain the gaming community? Who is most deserving of any bits or donations the viewers maybe willing to throw out over the next few weeks/months?

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