TFT patch 10.8 tentative changes: Cybernetic is getting a much-needed nerf

Riot Games has previewed the tentative changes coming to Teamfight Tactics and Cybernetic is getting a much-needed nerf with TFT patch 10.8.

The next set of balance changes and champion adjustments are on the way. Teamfight Tactics patch 10.8 is on the way this week, set to arrive on Wednesday, April 15. Among the tentative changes coming to TFT is a nerf to the Cybernetic trait, which is currently one of the strongest in the game.

The Cybernetic comp is pretty damn near invincible in the current game. If played correctly, it’s almost guaranteed a top four spot. It’s strong in all phases of a match but it looks like patch 10.8 will address its early game.

Lucian is specifically mentioned as a champion being nerfed in patch 10.8. It doesn’t go into details, but Lucian in early game with Hand of Justice is pretty strong. He also scales pretty well for a two-cost unit.

Interestingly, he’s the only Cybernetic listed as getting nerfed, which is a big surprising considering Irelia is the main carry. Perhaps Riot thinks it’s hard enough to play Cybernetics if you don’t get the Ekko. Or maybe they only see an issue with how strong Cybernetic is early game.

It’s also possible that they are simply addressed the entire trait as a whole and not individual units. Perhaps they are changing how much Attack Damage and Health that Cybernetics with an item gain.

I think everyone would agree that Cybernetic is a little too strong in the current game but it will be interesting to see exactly what nerfs it gets and if it’s more than just a slight Lucian tweak. I’m a big surprised Irelia isn’t getting nerfed but maybe changes to other aspects of Cybernetic will bring her to a more even level.