Doom Eternal: Everything you need to know about the story so far

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Doom Eternal is just a shotgun blast to a demon’s head away, so here is what you need to know about the story from Doom 2016.

Doom 2016 is very light when it comes to a narrative. The game primarily focuses on killing demons in a gruesome and gory way. That said, Doom Eternal will continue the plot thread that was left dangling from the end of the first game. Earth has been invaded by Hell, and it plans to leave its mark on the unsuspecting planet.

It has been four years since the first installment of Doom released. That time paired with its small amount of story makes the game a bit difficult to remember. Granted, you may remember all demons you slaughtered, but the story is spread thin throughout. Here is what you need to know about the Doom story.

Doom’s Opening

Doom takes place in the future where humanity has started to explore Mars and tap into new resources. The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is the supplier of what is known as Argent Energy. The human population believes this energy originates from the planet Mars, but UAC harvests it from Hell. The opening of Doom reveals that Hell has spilled out onto Mars. The UAC facility has been overrun with demons and has affected many humans.

Doom Slayer wakes from his sarcophagus and obtains his praetor suit. He must make his way to the satellite in order to restart it. On his way there, he comes across several recordings from a doctor named Olivia Pearce. Pearce is the Head of Biochemical Research on Mars. The recordings reveal that Pearce had a grave obsession with Hell and is the cause of the invasion.

Soon after the satellite restart, Doom Slayer is contacted by UAC Chairman Samuel Hayden. Hayden contacts the slayer in order to prevent the facility’s complete collapse. VEGA, Hayden’s AI, helps Doom Slayer prevent the collapse. The pair are able to prevent the collapse but learn drastic news prior to the small win. Pearce plans to rip a permanent portal to Hell open using the UAC argent energy tower.

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