Xbox Series X: 10 games likely coming at launch in 2020 (or shortly after)

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2020 will see the release of the next Xbox generation and brand new games alongside it. Here are some games we believe will be Xbox Series X launch titles.

The Xbox Series X will release later this holiday season. Over the past few months, fans of the platform have the name, design and a few minor details as to what it can do. However, most gamers can agree that games are what really matters. Unfortunately, launch titles have never been excellent for either platform.

So, 2020 is the year for launch titles to stand out and make an impact on fans. This list is comprised of ten games that will likely launch on the Xbox Series X on launch day or just shortly after the release. The games on this list do not have specific release dates either, so there is a great chance they make the generational leap.

Halo Infinite Screenshot A Brand New Fight - Xbox One

Halo Infinite Screenshot A Brand New Fight
Photo via Xbox

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is arguably the biggest title set for release on the next generation of Xbox. This game is almost guaranteed to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X.

In fact, it will be the first Halo game to launch with an Xbox console since Combat Evolved. So much for coming full circle. 343 Industries has been hard at work, developing a Halo game that fans are excited to play.

The teaser released in 2018 and the trailer from last year have many fans of the series excited for Master Chief’s return. The last installment of Halo was not well received. Many were not fond of the story or the new characters included, so Halo Infinite will set things right by taking fans back to the Halo rings.

Master Chief is also dawning what looks to be his traditional armor. And of course, the game is developed in the proprietary Slipspace Engine. 2020 is certainly the year to be an Xbox player and a Halo fan.

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