MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty: What is the ‘Diamond Club’?

New to MLB The Show 20 this year is a the new ‘Diamond Club,’ an exclusive category being used to define the best of the best players for Diamond Dynasty.

This week, Sony San Diego focused primarily on Diamond Dynasty. For those unfamiliar, Diamond Dynasty is a popular game mode int he MLB The Show franchise in which you assemble a roster of players by collecting their cards, like EA’s Ultimate Team or NBA 2K’s MyTEAM. And yes, it will be returning in MLB The Show 20 because, quite frankly, it’s a money-maker filled with microtransactions.

Remember collecting baseball cards as a kid? Well, this is essentially a gamified version of that.

Anyway, in MLB The Show 20, Sony San Diego has added a something called the “Diamond Club” in Diamond Dynasty. Sounds fancy, right? Well, to be honest, there’s not much too it; it’s basically a way to categorize the very best players in the Diamond Dynasty game mode.

As explained by Sony San Diego, players rated 85 or higher in Diamond Dynasty are considered to be a part of the Diamond Club. It should be noted, however, that player ratings in Diamond Dynasty are different than their ratings in the other game modes. Mike Trout, for instance, has a 95 overall in Diamond Dynasty, but is rated 99 overall outside of the game mode.

Ratings in Diamond Dynasty are also calculated a little bit differently than the other modes, taking a three-year average with a 1:1:1 weighted ratio. That said, once the season begins, it sounds as though Sony San Diego will start taking into factoring in the player’s actual performance during the current season a little bit more to better mimic the real-life MLB.

This week’s livestream was specifically dedicated to Diamond Club members in MLB The Show 20‘s Diamond Dynasty. Sony San Diego actually revealed the top-five players at each position, although not every player listed is considered a Diamond Club member.

For example, in Diamond Dynasty, there are no left fielders who are currently part of the Diamond Club. J.D. Martinez and Giancarlo Stanton are the highest-rated players at the position at launch with an 84 overall each. This could change throughout the season, however, depending on if players outperform their in-game rating on the real-life field.

You can watch the full livestream below for a look at the top five players at each position in MLB The Show 20‘s livestream. We’ll also be highlighting each individual position in separate posts over the next few days. There are some surprises, no doubt, but overall, I think MLB The Show 20 does a pretty good job capturing the current MLB landscape.

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Really, there’s nothing inherently game-changing about being in the Diamond Club in MLB The Show 20. It just seems like a better way to help the best of the best players stand apart from the rest.

MLB The Show 20 is set to release on March 17, exclusively for PlayStation 4. If you pre-order, you’ll get early access beginning March 13.

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