MLB The Show 20: New Road to the Show features and improvements

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From dynamic challenges to player relationships, here are some of the new features and improvements in MLB The Show 20’s Road to the Show.

With pitchers and catchers reporting this week and the start of Spring training just around the corner, Sony San Diego is ramping up their coverage of MLB The Show 20. This week’s developer livestream was focused on improvements made to Road to the Show.

For those unfamiliar, Road to the Show is essentially a game mode — and the franchise’s most popular one at that — in which you create a player and work your way from the minor leagues to the majors. It’s essentially baseball’s version of an RPG as you can finally live out your dream of becoming a big league superstar.

MLB The Show 20 makes quite a few improvements to Road to the Show, building upon many of the mode’s already-established systems. Some of key points of focus for Sony San Diego this year was on Relationships, Dynamic Challenges and providing the player with “instant gratification.”

Instant Gratification

In an effort to streamline Road to the Show, MLB The Show 20 now offers real-time notifications for stat improvements. Simple iconography helps notify you of in-play gains to attributes and relationships as you earn it. This is a nice quality of life improvement that just helps improve the overall flow of the mode.

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