Will MLB The Show 20 have online Franchise mode?

We know MLB The Show 20 will expand online and competitive gameplay but will this year’s installment support an online Franchise mode?

Sony San Diego gave us our first look at MLB The Show 20‘s gameplay via a trailer that offered hints at some of the features and game modes coming in this year’s installment. The specifics regarding these new features are still vague as the developer has planned an entire livestream schedule that’ll go further into depth on each topic.

For years, MLB The Show has prided itself on being the most realistic baseball simulation in the market. But Franchise mode — which allows you to take full control of a franchise and its operations — has slowly slipped into obscurity as Sony San Diego focuses on things like Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show.

One of the biggest disappointments for me, personally, is the lack of online support. As someone who prefers to play sports games with friends, I opt for things like Madden‘s Connected Franchise and NBA 2K‘s MyLeague. MLB The Show 19 offered no such options. But will MLB The Show 20?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it. While the developer livestream schedule did tease new features and improvements in Franchise Mode, such as the ability to rebrand your team and full minor league rosters, there was no mention of an online option to play with friends.

Sony San Diego did say there would be the option to set up “simple and flexible” leagues with friends — such as custom leagues and competitive events — but it’s unclear how in-depth these leagues will be.

It sounds like these custom leagues will offer simple roster control as you play through the MLB season, not a full Franchise Mode experience.  Competitive events and tournaments will likely allow you to customize certain rule sets but, again, nothing nearly as in-depth as what an online Franchise Mode would allow.

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More information about MLB The Show 20‘s Franchise Mode will be shared on February 13, while Sony will go into more detail wit custom leagues and competitive events on February 27. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for any sort of online Franchise Mode, though, which is incredibly disappointing.

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