List of delayed Spring 2020 games: Marvel’s Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077 and more

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Marvel's Avengers - Hulk - game

Square Enix

Here’s the current running list of games that were originally set to release in Spring 2020 but have been delayed for one reason or another.

Spring 2020 was originally looking like a very busy season for new game releases. However, we’ve since had a series of delays in rapid succession. Not all of the games have been pushed out of the Spring window, but they have had their release dates adjusted in some way.

From Marvel’s Avengers to Cyberpunk 2077, some of the biggest blockbusters for Spring 2020 have been pushed back. Here’s a running list of games that have been delayed so far.

Marvel’s Avengers

Original release date: Spring 2020
New release date: September 4

Of all the games on this list, the delay of Marvel’s Avengers is probably the least surprising. Reception towards the superhero blockbuster, action-adventure from publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics has been pretty lukewarm since its official unveiling back in E3 2019.

From unpolished gameplay (which seems to have improved since the initial showing) to overall confusion surrounding the mechanics, just about all aspects of Marvel’s Avengers can benefit from this delay. We are talking about this being a Marvel game. There’s a certain level of expectation and polish that’s associated with Disney and the Marvel brand.

I, personally, don’t think the game is in as rough of shape as many are making it out to be. Various videos and trailers have been shared since the E3 reveal that have offered more details about the game.

Last October, a general game overview was shared. It provided a summary of the story, a brief look at the gameplay and some of the RPG mechanics, and a glimpse at the customization mechanics. I think it did a good job getting the message across, but I still think Marvel’s Avengers can benefit from the delay — not even from a development standpoint, but a marketing one.

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