The Witcher: 5 other games that should get the Netflix series treatment

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The Witcher television series on Netflix has fans returning to the open-world RPG. If Netflix tackles another popular game series then what should it be?

The Witcher is the first big video game television series produced by the streaming giant Netflix. The show received relatively mixed scores among critics, but fans have exploded in excitement over the series. In fact, the series lead many people to return to the open-world action RPG on consoles and PC.

Netflix has already greenlit a second season, and it can’t come soon enough. The streaming giant is also producing The Division movie based on the third-person shooter franchise from Ubisoft. Netflix is no stranger to experimenting with television shows and movies, so here are five popular game franchises that should get The Witcher treatment.


The most recent Fallout games have not been award winners. On the other hand, the world of Fallout is extremely rich.

Netflix has a way of taking previously established worlds and creating their own take on it. The Fallout universe would be perfect because it is massive. They could easily establish their own characters, places, and lore. Bethesda could also use a win.

After recent events with Fallout 76, the developer is not on the good side of fans. A gritty and mature Fallout series would help establish a hype for the series.

Then, when Bethesda announces their next Fallout project, they can expect the series to help them sell copies. Netflix and Bethesda have the budgets to create a wonderful series. Plus, Netflix has experience with the post-apocalyptic setting.

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