Fortnite New Years 2020: Leaks reveal disappointing event

Fortnite will be ringing in the New Year, but leaked files for the event reveal the 2020 celebration will be very similar to 2019.

If you feel like celebrating the New Year but hate going out and battle the crowds of drunk, obnoxious party-goers, Epic Games will be ringing in 2020 with an event in Fortnite.  Unfortunately, if you participated in the event last year, you probably don’t have much to look forward to.

Fortnite data miner @Lucas7Yoshi scoured the game files for anything related to a New Years’ event and discovered that it’ll be pretty similar to last year’s event. For those who didn’t participate last year, the game forced players to dance for a few seconds every hour as it became 2019 in a new part of the world. That means every hour for 24 hours, Epic Games will basically throw a giant Boogie Bomb on everybody.

It wasn’t exactly the most memorable event Fortnite has hosted, which is why it’s a bit disappointing to learn 2020 will most likely be similar. On the bright side, Lucas7Yoshi did discover two weapon skins that will be available in the shop.

Both cosmetics are designed to celebrate 2020 in style. The first, “New Year 2020,” features a giant firework design, while the second, “Star Party,” has a bunch of neon stars. Both are pretty cool designs, but nothing extraordinary.

Considering we’re about to enter a new decade, I was hoping Epic would do something major in Fortnite. Instead, we’ll be dancing as the ball drops.

That said, I’m sure the developer has some big plans for 2020. This year saw some pretty major collaboration events hosted in-game, including the Avengers: Endgame mode. With films like Top Gun: Maverick and Ghostbusters: Afterlife coming in 2020, there’s plenty of opportunities to create some really fun and unique game modes. Perhaps we’ll even see a Black Widow event seeing as how she’s finally getting her own standalone movie.

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