Nioh 2 Beta: A look at character creation, Yokai abilities and more

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Nioh 2’s Beta Demo has just finished its week-long availability and the game’s character creation and Yokai powers shine the brightest so far.

Nioh 2‘s beta demo has just been completed and it gave players a chance to experience the character creator as well as a full level and boss battle. Players were also given the chance to check out the new Yokai abilities as well.

As we know, in the original Nioh, you controlled William, a former pirate who takes a trip to Japan to save his Guardian Spirit and collect Amrita (used to level up your character in the game among other things). You were able to alter William’s appearance once you’ve completed certain missions and interacted with NPCs and fought bosses.

Character Creation

In Nioh 2, the character creator allows you to get artsy and create your follow-up to William. I was pretty impressed with how deep the creator was.

You can choose the usual vitals such as gender, skin tone and hair. But you can adjust a batch of other things as well including cheek size, eye and pupil size, and hair highlighter colors among other things.

You can even view your character in Yokai form in the creator, to see what they look like in that state. You can change your horn type and hair to make your perfect Yokai.

You can’t necessarily turn yourself into a Yokai for the entire duration of a mission (not that we know of based on the sample size given). However, there are certain things you can do to show off your powers and we’ll get to that in a minute.

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