Pokémon Sword and Shield: 10 Galarian form Pokémon we want

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We are bound to get a slew of other Galarian form Pokémon so we created a list of those we hope to see reimagined in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release in less than a month away and we are still wondering what other Pokémon, new and old, are coming to the game. Game Freak has slowly trickled out news about the game and we are certainly expecting more soon. The Galarain form Pokémon are a big highlight of the new game. Alolan forms were popular in Sun and Moon which makes us curious as to what other pocket monsters will appear different in the Galar region.

We have created a list of ten Pokémon we hope to make it to the Galar region reimagined. This list is comprised of only the first 150 generation Pokémon. Furthermore, this list contains more than just ten Pokémon because some of our wish list includes full evolution lines. We will also be pitching the typing of each form.

1. Lickitung

Let’s face it, Lickitung is not a very compelling Pokémon. His normal tying paired with his unsettling look could use a good rework. Lickitung is certainly one of the more unmemorable pokemon from generation one. The Pokemon Company could really make this Pokémon shine for the first time by giving him a better look.

Since Lickitung is a normal type, Game Freak could give the Pokémon almost any kind of typing. However, we think the industrial United Kingdom inspired setting would make him an interesting poison type. With a tongue that can attack enemies from a distance, Lickitung could really become a more favorable companion.

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