5 must-play mobile games for iOS and Android

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Looking for some mobile games to play on-the-go? Here are five games for iOS and Android that are worth checking out.

Nowadays people are always busy with their schedules. We need time to cool down, to divert our minds and relax.

This is where games come into our lives, but it’s sometimes hard to sit down and enjoy a good gaming session on your console or PC. Or if we’re always on the go, we just don’t have our systems around. Thankfully, mobile gaming has evolved to a point where we can actually enjoy a good game on-the-go. Sure, the app stores are filled with pay-to-play microtransaction junk, but there are also quite a few gems out there that are worth checking out.

Here are five games on iOS and Android you should try out today!

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an obvious one, so we’ll start with it. Developed and published by Niantic, Pokemon GO takes the beloved franchise and makes it a reality thanks to augmented reality.

Using mobile GPS on your phone, the game creates virtual Pokemon in which you can hunt, capture, train and battle with across real-world locations.

This game features over 500 Pokemon, with more added regularly with every update. Initially released in 2016, Pokemon GO has been downloaded more than one billion times worldwide.

Between Raid Battles, Community Days, themed events and more, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Pokemon GO.

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