Celeste Chapter 9 currently sports 100+ levels in development

The final farewell to Celeste in the form of Chapter 9 DLC has over 100 level panels in its current state of development, per the game’s creator.

Celeste, an action-platforming story about a young woman conquering her fears and overcoming great adversity of the mind and body, is one of the greatest games released last year. Not only does it bring a narrative resonance not often seen in platforming titles, but it has an unforgiving yet rewarding gameplay loop that quickly drops you back in the action.

Though the main game is hard enough as it is, there are a number of assisted options and gameplay modes for those who need an easier time completing the levels. However, for those who are built to practice and conquer adversity in ways unseen by human hands, there are a ton of chapters called B-Sides and C-Sides that prove to be an immeasurably difficult, yet fulfilling, adventure.

The primary game had eight chapters, but the game’s farewell DLC, coming later this year, teased a ninth chapter. The scale of the DLC was unknown, and it was teased for early 2019 (a window we’ve arguably escaped), but thanks to a tweet from Matt Thorson, creator of Celeste, we now know it’s going to be a long, drawn-out farewell.


As indicated above, Celeste Chapter 9, “Farewell,” will have over 100 levels. In this case, “levels” indicate completable screens as traversed by the player, who may or may not be controlling Madeline and/or possibly other characters from the base game.

One hundred levels seem like a lot of different screens and a variety of challenges, which places the chapter in a bit of an unknown length to complete. However, Kevin Regamy, who works on the title at Matt Makes Games, also tweeted recently that the current goal for completion is “sub 2 hours.”

Of course, players’ skill levels and preparedness will determine how much that is the case for the casual and competitive player alike, but it seems like Celeste Chapter 9, “Farewell,” will be a hard-earned accomplishment of hearty length. I cannot wait to play it when it eventually is released for owners of the original game.