Pokemon anime: Newest season set to premier tomorrow

The newest season in the Pokemon anime, Pokemon Sun and Moon-Ultra Legends, premiers tomorrow in the United States on Disney XD.

Believe it or not, the Pokemon anime is still going strong, and tomorrow on March 23 the newest season, Pokemon the Series: Pokemon Sun and Moon-Ultra Legends, will premier on Disney XD in the United States. This marks the 22nd season of the anime, and Ash still does not appear to have aged a day.

Pokemon Sun and Moon-Ultra Legends continues to follow Ash and Pikachu as they journey through the Alola region. Ash has met plenty of cool friends already in Alola, such as Professor Kukui and Lillie, and will surely continue to encounter new friends and new Pokemon. Team Rocket will also surely continue to try to get their hands on valuable Pokemon along the way.

For those who have not caught up on the show, Pokemon TV has the Pokemon anime available to watch for free. The first 21 seasons of the show can be viewed here. For those who do not have access to Pokemon TV, or do not wish to use it, some seasons of the show are available on Netflix and the show airs on Disney XD.

For those who have never watched the show and want to get into it, it is good to note that it does not strictly follow the plot of the core series games. There are similarities, but the story follows the protagonist Ash and his faithful partner Pikachu as they journey through the world of Pokemon as he tries to fill up his Pokedex and become the very best like no one ever was. Ash meets friends along the way, but is constantly being followed by Team Rocket as they try to obtain valuable Pokemon to turn a profit.

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