The Nintendo Switch has shipped more than 32 million units worldwide

Despite reducing its hardware forecast for the fiscal year, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed 32 million units shipped before the end of its second year.

The holidays have been more than pleasant for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch. Even though they relied heavily on a casualized version of an oft-revisited era of the Pokemon franchise as well as a party fighting game, it turned out that these were some of the stronger exclusives released during that sales period, and the Japanese gaming giant has greatly benefited from them.

Nintendo has released their quarterly financial report, revealing that the Nintendo Switch sales total has reached 32.27 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2018. That means that the company has reached 14.49 million units shipped during the fiscal year so far; a tad shorter than their 20 million goal. As such, the company has revised their forecast to a more reasonable 17 million units.

In fact, it was in software sales that the Nintendo Switch has thrived the most in the fiscal 2018 calendar. The company sold 52.51 million software units during the past three months, bringing the console’s life-to-date total to 163.31 million units. That’s close to a third of all Switch games sold within the past three months! Nintendo has bumped up fiscal expectations to 110M units over the previous 100M forecast.

With the holidays come and past, the top-selling games list for the Nintendo Switch currently sees Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at the top with 15.02 million units. Super Mario Odyssey comes in second with 13.76 million sales, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debut at 12.08 million, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild come in fourth at 11.68 million and Let’s Go! Pikachu + Eevee combine to reach 10 million in fifth.

As noted by analyst Daniel Ahmad, Nintendo Switch hardware, software and accessories accounted for 90% of Nintendo’s revenue for the quarter, compared to just 4% from the Nintendo 3DS. While the home-plus-portable console market is thriving for Nintendo, the handheld division is finally reaching the end of its life cycle.