Detective Pikachu’s first trailer is out, and it’s Deadpool for Pokemon

Though we never got the Danny Devito justice many sought in the first place, the first trailer for Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds is compelling.

It’s hard to have me shaken when it comes to the Pokemon property. The first game dealt with creatures whose mothers passed away wearing their skull, and I’m sure there’s a lot of deep, dank “lore” to dig through in the myriad of other generations. Still, I did not expect to be so taken aback by the Detective Pikachu trailer starring Ryan Reynolds for a myriad of reasons.

You can check out the full Detective Pikachu trailer below. It’s immaculate in its detail, with aspects such as train tickets from “Leaventown” and Charmanders and Psyducks just walking around Ryme City. However, the real star of the trailer is Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu, bringing his sarcastic wit that pre-dates Deadpool to a young adult-oriented movie.

We’ve got a solid hook for a movie; Tim Goodman is a young detective following in the footsteps of his (missing) father. One night, Detective Pikachu sneaks into his home (for whatever reason), only for Tim to understand what the little guy is saying in perfect English. He’s the only one who can understand him and reluctantly takes him in to help investigate the case of his missing dad.

This trailer has so many “WTF” moments that I did not expect going in. Whether it’s overly-detailed CGI representations of Pokemon like Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur or Mr. Mime, Charizard about to eat the titular character or Mr. Mime telling Detective Pikachu to shove it, I’m genuinely compelled to watch this movie when it is released.

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Gearing itself towards those who played the earliest generations of Pokemon, focusing its humor for teenagers and above and allowing Ryan Reynolds to bring a part of himself to the character instead of washing him down for a children’s audience makes Detective Pikachu easily one of my most anticipated movies of 2019.

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