Minecraft Dungeons is a new action-adventure game coming in 2019

A classic RPG style of game development is coming to the Overworld, Nether and The End, as Minecraft Dungeons is announced by Mojang and Microsoft Studios.

For a while, many had wondered what Microsoft Studios planned to do with its acquisition of Mojang all those years ago. Minecraft itself has been undergoing iterative and, sometimes, transformative updates over the years, but besides “bring the game to more platforms,” many were expecting a new game or two. Minecraft Dungeons is the first salvo fired under new ownership.

As announced on the corporate Minecraft blogMinecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawling titles of the past. It is described as a passion project by a small team of developers in Sweden, so it’s not quite sure how much of the ~100 people at Mojang are continuously developing the game. It will be released on PC in 2019, with no other platforms announced at this time.

Much like those old-school dungeon crawlers, players can go in alone or team up with up to four players to go through a number of dungeons with increasingly difficult enemy mobs in search of treasure. You’ll be able to find new items and weapons throughout your journey in order to progress, upgrade and take down your foes, all in the name of stopping Arch-Illager and saving the village.

There’s not much more than a teaser trailer above, showing off an adventuring party complete with four different Minecraft Dungeons classes. It looks like a wizard/warlock, fighter, rogue/thief and perhaps a barbarian/cleric with a massive hammer are ready to take on whatever enemies line within the dungeon they’re about to take on, with some sort of unseen dragon about to burn them up.

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Minecraft Dungeons is the perfect first step for Mojang outside of their established understanding as developers. Although Microsoft Studios often pushes for Windows 10 and Xbox One, I can already see many asking “Switch port when?” throughout every avenue of social media going forward.