Viridian Forest: We are a Pokémon fan site looking for new writers to join our team

Viridian Forest is FanSided’s home for the best fan-written content on all things Pokémon and we want to add your voice to the mix.

Are you a passionate Pokémon fan with opinions on all things involving the universe? Are you looking for a place to carve out your niche as a writer by getting your work out there for the world to see?  Then look no further because Viridian Forest is looking for new contributors to join the team, and we want your voice!

Viridian Forest has always had the goal of providing the best analysis, opinions, and news on all things Pokémon.  We’ve constantly wanted to provide our readers with the best possible discussion points, and we have strived to build a vibrant community around our goal of taking the conversation beyond just the news and recaps provided by other outlets.  That has led us to endless paths to cover and we need your help to do so!

Viridian Forest is looking to fill multiple contributor roles on site, and this is the perfect time for the casual reader to turn into the passionate writer.


We like to let our staff write about the aspects of their fandom they are most passionate about. There’s room for those interested in covering breaking news or reviews, as well as opportunities to write opinion pieces, lists, or helping with a number of other potential story ideas.

Writers are asked to contribute 1-2 posts per week. We will always welcome more frequent contributions than that, but we will not require it.

We know that for most this is a hobby and something you do for the love of it.  After all, that’s why we do it too!  Most of us have families, full-time careers, and/or school to balance into our lives as well.  This is mostly an opportunity to join a staff of writers who are simply passionate about Pokémon and want to continue to reach the rest of the Pokémon world.

Want to join us?

Applying is very easy.  Feel free to either fill it the form below, or follow this link to complete an application.  The application will give you a chance to share some insight regarding your writing background, a chance to share a pertinent writing sample, and a chance to let us know why you would be a fit on our team.

Apply to Viridian Forest.

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Whether you are most interested in Pokémon GO, Pokémon Let’s Go, the Pokémon Anime, Pokémon Collectibles, the main Pokémon RPGs, or anything else in the Pokémon world, we would be happy for you to apply!  After filling out the application, a FanSided representative will be in contact with you regarding the next steps!  Thank you for visiting our Pokémon fan site and good luck in your application process!