SMITE update: 5.10 Deathmatch and death to Achilles

The 5.10 SMITE update includes the new Medusa’s Deathmatch adventure and some balance tweaks. Hi Rez also fixed many bugs that plagued SMITE.

Hi Rez has released a new SMITE update that introduces a new three-member adventure and team deathmatch set in a brand new Egyptian map. The goal is to be the last team standing in the end, with the map slowly reducing in a sandstorm until the end. The purchasable bundle will include thematic items and the Queen Cobra Medusa skin.

There will also be a Crystalline Bundle for sale that has a “Ymir is here” avatar, a fountain skin and a Ymir Crystalline skin. Both the Ymir and Medusa skins are lack-luster at best and are easily surpassed by other skins.

The new skin for the adventures gold vault is the Star Trooper Achilles. This is a good skin and great voice pack. Even though he will most likely see much less play due to a nerf, it is still a good skin.

Divine Uprising continues on with three more interesting skins. The Violet Lord Thor is paired with a previous Aphrodite skin but looks great. The Polar Vortex Kukulkan is an icy and winter skin that could look pretty neat with other icy skins.

The Galactic Void Chernobog is the final and reward skin for the Slavic chest in the Divine Uprising. This is yet another awesome skin and my favorite of the patch. The galactic skins are some of the best in the game and are certainly interesting.

This patch also includes many bug fixes. Some of these fixes are just minor, but some have larger effects. Many of the fixes were based on the User Interface or just quality of life fixes.

There was also a change to a Relic this update. Heavenly Wings got a nerf, going from 30% to 20% movement speed. This is to prevent the steamroll of the early game and the easy get out for a team.

Hydra’s Lament and Hastened Katana were both buffed in this patch. The Hydra’s buff helps ability based assassins. The Katana buff is to bring gods like Kali and Arachne as basic attack assassins to the forefront.

Midgardian Mail was the only nerf this patch. It got a 50 health reduction. This will allow for the basic attack gods to come back into meta. Celestial Legion Helm had a description change to better fit the mechanics.

In the god section, Kukulkan and Discordia had some bug fixed. Kukulkan had some targets affected by Whirlwind where it would appear sideways. Discoridia lost the apple hitting people after it had visibly disappeared.

Kuzenbo, Ne Zha and Vamana also had some fixes. Kuzenbo will now get the last intended tick of damage from his ultimate. Ne Zha also had a fix where opponents in the ultimate could move out of the ultimate. Vamana was not getting the extension of his ultimate upon taking damage was fixed.

He Bo saw some changes to his play-style. His base health was buffed while his health scaling was nerfed. The Water Cannon ability was nerfed in the early game again to help in ranked so He Bo would not snowball as much.

Achilles and Guan Yu both received nerfs to their passives. Achilles lost two percent movement speed while gaining a little bit better scaling. He also lost seven base power for his passive. Both of these nerfs were to his aggressive passive. Guan lost .5 times healing off of his passive.

Nike, Medusa, and Chiron all received buffs. Medusa gained a fourth shot on Viper Shot at rank three. Chiron now has a better timing of a cleanse on Training Exercise and an extra two percent protection reduction on Masterful Shot. Nike will now consistently slow 40% on Sentinel of Zeus.

All things considered, this was a rather small patch, but that’s not such a terrible thing. This is a good example of letting the meta settle before they make any big changes which will happen soon at mid-season.