SMITE basics: How to Carry your team to victory

The Carry or the Advanced Damage Carry (ADC) is easy in theory, but hard in practice. The gods, builds, play-styles, and strategies are difficult to execute.

The ADC is going to start with the support in the duo lane. They are typically going to be hunters or basic attack based mages. The goal of an ADC is the sustained damage and structure pressure.

This position has some of the most consistent meta’s. Many of the gods fit a different style, but the same overall role. Hunters are very consistent and learning just a few can be enough to go far. For players who want to improve their skills, this is also a good place to go.

All the gods in the ADC role are auto attack-based. What this means is that you will have to get better at hitting them to succeed. Those who can not hit the basics are going to be in trouble moving forward.

There are really only three builds, but there can be a lot of variance in the build itself. Each build is tied to the god you choose. The only item that every ADC should build is Hunters Blessing. The recommended builds are attack speed, penetration, or critical strike.

In reference to “attack speed,” that is the focus of the build, not the only aspect of it. This is probably one of the more common builds as of now. The build will start with stacking Devourer’s Gauntlet and Ninja Tabi.

This will move into a bow item, most likely Ichaival or Odysseus’ Bow. Then building The Executioner and Qin’s Sais. This is the main part of the build with a last flex item that I recommend having situational penetration.

The penetration or pen build is a lot simpler. Starting with Transcendence and your choice of Ninja or Warrior Tabi. This build will mostly consist of items from the Mace tree like Crusher or Titan’s Bane. One other option is for a lifesteal item for more sustain.

The critical strike or crit build is easy. Starting much like the attack speed build with Devourer’s and Ninja Tabi, and going straight for the Executioners. After that, you can pick and choose your crit based on who you are playing, but always get Deathbringer as one of them.

The play-styles are rather simple for an ADC. Use your abilities or basic attacks for the play. Most ADC’s are going to sit back and do damage from afar. Most hunters rely on basics, but some make use of abilities.

This takes us to the strategies of an ADC. For the first five to ten minutes, the support should be with you. Deciding with them whether to be aggressive or defensive is important. After this stage, you can either look for fights with the other ADC or just sit back and farm.

One of the most important strategies to learn as an ADC is how to split push. This is when you leave a fight or go out on your own to pressure towers in empty lanes. This also seems to a foreign concept to many others.

You should split push when nobody is around. Sometimes this means leaving your team to lose a fight. If your team is going to lose no matter what or if you think they can hold off, just split down a tower.

This can be a difficult position to master, but you can learn from the best. I got better and recommended watching the SMITE Pro League or YouTube channels.