SMITE: Hot start to the Summer Split

The Summer Split for the SMITE Pro League started with two great matches. This hot start for Spacestation and Dignitas may be what they need.

On Monday, the first two sets of the SMITE Pro League were rematches from Masters. The first set was a finals rematch with Team Dignitas and Team Rival. The second set was the top teams in North America with eUnited and Spacestation Gaming.

Rival and Dig ended up going to Dig in a two to one set. This set saw the resurgence of Guan Yu and Xbalanque after their buffs in 5.8. Guan saw action in both solo and support. Thoth also saw more game-play after his decline at the end of the Spring Split.

The second set between eUnited and Spacestation was fairly interesting. Aquarius for SSG brought out his Chang’e in the solo lane. This could very well be due to the Aphrodite, and Zhong Kui play during Masters.

The first set was of even matches and great games. Europe seems to be ready to go again and has gotten off to a great start. The second set was interesting, but the games were not. The first game was controlled by eU while the second two by SSG. The set was competitive, but the games were one-sided and boring.

These are probably going to be the top two teams in each region yet again. The biggest difference will be the bottom teams. In North America, it will most likely be very close, and we will need to be looking at the individual games instead of sets records.

Europe, however, may stay similar to the first split. The difference here will be that Obey Alliance is going to be better and the hope that SK Gaming will be better. This split will go as to how many predicted the first split would go.

This was a great start to the Summer Split and will be loads of fun to watch. After what they showed in the opener, Dignitas will be the team to beat.