Rumor: Pokemon Switch coming this year will ‘raise eyebrows’

Rumor has it that the first Pokemon game on Switch will feature two of the series’ most popular critters, and head-scratching title to say the least.

It’s been a wild week for Nintendo-based rumors. From Smash Bros. to something improbably like a Star Fox racing game, it’s that pre-E3 time of year already.

And now an even bigger rumor has stepped up to the plate.

The word going around is that the first Pokemon game to grace the Switch will actually be a pseudo-remake of Yellow from the first generation. This, of course, was the third version that allowed Pikachu to walk along with you and was a bit more akin to the popular anime.

The two versions will be entitled Pokemon: Let’s Go! One version is for Pikachu, the other for another Kanto mainstay in Eevee. This is according to a post on 4Chan from April 1 that picked up steam early Tuesday morning. A logo that was posted back in March also began making the rounds online.

Take these with a big grain of salt, but this could be what’s next for one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.

The “real leaks” claim the new games and Pokemon Go are very much related. Capturing will be similar to the mobile game, and rewards can be earned through linking the two titles together in some fashion. A new accessory for both games is apparently also in the works if this is to be believed.

As far as what comes back from older games, the following mechanic from Yellow and the removal of HMs from Sun and Moon appear to both be back. Red and Blue could also play a role in the game’s story.

The resurgence of this rumor is likely due to a new blog from Nintendo insider Emily Rogers. She speculates that this new game could be revealed by the end of this month, and released this year.  Some of the things she mentioned seem to line up with what’s going on here; like the Go integration, the release window mentioned that there are two versions and a title that “might raise a few eyebrows.”

That rumored title certainly raises more than just a few eyebrows. But a callback to Kanto does seem like a smart move on Game Freak’s part. A Pokemon game was going to do gangbusters regardless, but tickling that nostalgia could really bolster the Switch’s hardware sales if this were to release towards the end of the year.

Go being involved isn’t that unlikely either. The game made over $1 billion and 750 million people downloaded the free-to-play game that’s still being supported by developer Niantic. If this is all ends up being true, perhaps a further announcement can be expected at Pokemon Go Fest this July in Chicago.

Again, take this all with a big grain of salt. We’ll know for sure by month’s end, or even at E3, as to whether or not this is legit.