Super Bowl 52: Our Madden 18 simulated results

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Super Bowl 52 awaits the football world as both the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have a date towards destiny. Here’s a look at what transpired when both teams were simulated against each other in Madden 18.

Madden 18

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When it comes to Super Bowl 52, it’s a tale of two strong, determined, and complete teams that have made it all the way to the big game. For the New England Patriots, it’s a familiar place as they’ve been to the Super Bowl so many times, it’s hard to imagine a championship game without them representing the AFC.

The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, are the true definition of an underdog. They rose to the occasion throughout the NFL Playoffs and even without their star quarterback Carson Wentz, persevered and made it this far thanks to a stellar defense, backup quarterback Nick Foles executing well, and a team completely focused on bringing their first Super Bowl championship back to the City of Brotherly Love.

What is in store for Super Bowl weekend? Well, before we get into the final simulated results for the big game, please keep in mind these were all done using specific parameters. Here they are:

  • Absolutely no user games were played
  • Live rosters used were up to date as of January 27, 2018, and we had to make just a few changes to account for injuries and suspensions
  • Screenshots were taken after using Super Sim
  • Settings included All-Pro difficulty, Simulation sliders and six-minute quarters

Let’s get right to this Super Bowl 52 simulated matchup and see what transpires quarter by quarter and who ultimately leaves the big game victorious!

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