10 game franchises that would make great Battle Royale games

Credit: PUBG Corporation
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Credits: Firaxis
Credits: Firaxis /

2. XCOM | Firaxis

Already well-known for their strategy games, Firaxis is no stranger to creating some of the best titles out there in the RTS genre. Now, it seems that XCOM could do quite well with both survival, strategy and open world elements added to it. Thanks to the franchise’s unique gameplay elements, artistic nature, and even weapons; XCOM could adapt to a Battle Royale style.

Since third-person elements are already in play with the series, it wouldn’t take a lot of work for Firaxis to create a gigantic map for the game. Take a few elements from their title The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and you have a solid starting point. All they have to do from there is toss a few guns, pieces of alien-tech armor, as well as accessories into the mix and bam, you have a battle royale game themed around the XCOM franchise. The only thing they would really have to do from there? Add a few trademark abilities, customizations, and the cover system fans have come to know and love into the mechanics of the game and it’ll be all-out mayhem.