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Let it go: Your favorite HD Remake is not coming out in 2018

Look, I know they did Crash Bandicoot last year and Parappa the Rapper made a comeback and Wipeout Omega Collection exists, but we all have to accept that Final Fantasy VII Remake is not coming out in 2018 and a Shenmue HD Collection is likely not in the works.

There have been a lot of dreams put together recently with the string of success HD Remakes have had, but the one that started it all will be nowhere to be found in 2018. This is not a bold prediction on my part, but with many suspecting the “big year” for Final Fantasy being tied to this release, I just want to pre-empt the idea of any part of its release happening in 2018 as soon as I can.

Do not be mad at me. It hurts my heart too, but the year it was announced, the game director and producer did not know they were working on it. The game director is still actively plodding forward with another game in Final Fantasy XV. Shhh… don’t think too much about it just look forward to one more thing: