10 snowy video games to make you feel that December chill

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Never Alone

If you’re not well-versed in indies, you might not be aware of Never Alone, or Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, which is based on a traditional Iñupiaq story of a young girl and her friend, an arctic fox. The two travel through a puzzle platforming story seeking to bring balance back to nature in the midst of dangerous blizzards, all while learning from the wisdom of the past. It’s a wonderful game that focuses on sharing traditional stores that have been passed down by the Iñupiaq for generations, and worthy on its own.

Of course, it’s also full of snow! Its sounds and atmospheres are simpler, subtler, and at times darker than the other titles on this list. Never Alone is unlike Skyrim or New Leaf in that you can’t just drop in, throw some snowballs, and drop back out. It’s worth the brief time you put into finishing its eight chapters, whether you’re in a snow mood or not. But if by chance you are in said snow mood, its arctic atmosphere offers a harsher take that will stir your soul.