Destiny 2: Developers trying to right the ship regarding loot drops

Destiny 2 on all accounts has been a better game than its predecessor but the loot system still feels all too familiar. Developers are listening to the community and are preparing to make some serious changes over the next few weeks.

We’ve all been there before when it comes to Destiny and even its sequel, Destiny 2. At first, the game is super exciting, exhilarating, and gamers truly feel like they’re getting rewarded for investing so much time in various aspects of the game. Yes, the storyline is a bit short and at times be a bit confusing, but the core gameplay is leaps and bounds better than the original.

The only problem is, the loot system simply isn’t up to par when it comes to questing, doing public events, or even when raiding. The whole purpose of end-game is to feel like an MMORPG where you can queue up with friends or random players via a matchmaking system, go up against elite enemies and super hard bosses, and leave a raid with at least something that’s an upgrade since you earned it. Either that or earn tokens/some kind of currency to collect and then purchase valuable upgrades via vendors.

Too many times in Destiny 2, even in the end-game content, all the loot drops tend to be a bit boring, to say the least. Numerous times I myself have done two or three straight raids in Destiny 2 that took a few hours to complete and didn’t get much of anything amazing that made me feel accomplished at the end of my gaming session.

At the end of the day, players want exotic and legendary items that not only look ridiculously cool but also give off bragging rights. Showing off complete armor sets and weapons that are unheard of only adds to the aspect of continuing to raid and play end-game content so one day you can also strut around showing off all your shinies.

Luckily, developers at Bungie know that the community is everything in the grand scheme of things. From Reddit to even their own main forums, gamers have consistently complained that the loot system leaves much to the imagination. With their next big expansion Curse of the Osiris coming out on Friday, December 5, 2017, they plan to finally fix this whole loot issue to make gamers enjoy raiding again.

In an article written by Liana Ruppert of, she confirmed via developers that massive changes are indeed coming to loot and rewards in Destiny 2:

New systems and rewards to give our most engaged players additional, optional pursuits, including:

  • A new Weapon Tier: Masterworks, which will feature stat trackers, random, re-rollablestat bonuses, unique item tooltips, and item details screens (see the December Update Details section below for more info)
  • Improved vendor rewards, adding ways for people to purchase items directly with their Legendary Shards and Tokens (see the December Update Details section below for more info)
  • Adding Armor Ornaments that grant visual permutations of armor as players complete specific Challenges (see the December Update Details section below for more info)

From the sound of it, this should be a step in the right direction. The loot system needs to reward players for not only playing end-game content but also make it so gamers can earn a special currency to then unlock even bigger loot via vendors. Most other online games have this perfected as it’s surprising that Destiny 2 took such a step back in a basic practice and waited until now to finally address it.

Hopefully, besides end-game loot, this should also fix Engrams so when they drop, you’ll get useful items and not the same nonsense that Destiny 2 gamers have been seeing for the past few months. Curse of the Osiris should be an interesting DLC and usher in some pretty exciting changes both on the day it launches and with another big update the following week on Tuesday, December 12, 2017.