Nintendo isn’t stretching its ARMS enough with new DLC

Nintendo has failed its one major new franchise this year by not doing nearly enough to encourage anyone to play it this holiday season.

Nintendo’s Switch has a multiplayer powerhouse in the eight months since its release. There’s a healthy amount of major offerings such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Overcooked, Rocket League and many more.  With so many quality games of this type, it’s bound to happen that something would get lost in the shuffle. But would you think it’s a first-party game? And one that’s a new Nintendo IP at that? I’m talking about ARMS.

ARMS  is a super unique fighting game with fun character designs, cool stages, and it plays like no other game out there. It was admittedly a tad sparse with content at launch, but Nintendo has been pretty good about updating it. The new 4.0 update for ARMS, out today, even adds a new character and stage, which you can check out below:

Did you know there was a new update? If you are a newer Switch owner are you even aware ARMS is a game available for your console? I feel like Nintendo just pretty much put this title out to die. First, it released sandwiched between two multiplayer monsters in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. Those are two titles that need very little promotion and sold pretty much on name alone. But ARMS is a new IP that needs to be thrust into as many people’s hands as possible. Nintendo made a misstep with its release date, but I believe they are missing a huge opportunity to get people interest in it again with the holiday season.

Simply put, I feel packing ARMS in a holiday bundle or offering even a temporary hefty price cut (like many places are offering with 1-2 Switch for Black Friday) would get this deserving game in a lot more hands during a crucial time and hopefully drive interest for a potential sequel. ARMS is a unique and creative game that at least deserves a real chance to be at least a good second-tier Nintendo franchise but Nintendo seems to barely care about it. Hopefully, it won’t just be some forgotten experiment come 2018 and beyond.