PS4 5.00 patch features emerge from current beta

Parental features, UI changes and reported cases of improved speed; there are a ton of new upgrades coming to the PS4 5.00 software patch.

As of this morning, the invites for the PS4 5.00 patch beta have been sent out. The patch, which is code named NOBUNAGA, improves the PS4’s UI and expands on the console’s parental features.

PS4 5.00 features an entire overhaul of PS4’s Parental control. The system now allows for two people to be appointed as parents and customize each child’s specific level of parental control.

Nobunaga’s UI change allows for further control over pop up notification appearance. Users can now alter notification color and decide when to block notifications from appearing on screen.

Players can now block the message content preview from showing on the notification. That information will be replaced with a blank avatar and a simple line stating that you’ve received a message. Furthermore, you can choose to opt out of receiving notifications entirely while watching a movie or video content.

PlayStation also looks to fulfill everyone’s dream of categorizing their digital friends. You will now have the opportunity group your friends into labelable sections, making sure your Joels are separate from your Karens. This will replace the console’s current “favorites” section. You will be able to send out mass invites and messages to specific lists. That being said, you can also leave unwanted groups more efficiently now with a mass leave option.

Perhaps the biggest volume of additions can be found in the systems Quick Menu. The menu now displays a variety of things which manage to make it 100% more user convenient. The time is now displayed once the menu is brought up. Users can also now watch their downloads in quick menu comfort as well as leave a party.

It’s unmentioned in the blog post, but testers on Reddit are reporting faster overall load times upon installing PS4 5.00. This includes non-PS4 Pro consoles as well. One user who had over a terabyte of games on their console called the update “lightning quick,” which sounds quite speedy, indeed.

PS4 5.00 is out right now for beta users. You may want to check your email to see if your application was accepted. Everyone else will be able to officially download Nobunaga when it launches later this year.