Jotun, the popular Viking adventure, is available for free this weekend

Jotun, the critically acclaimed Viking adventure is now free on PC and Mac this weekend. Go to Jotun’s store page on either Steam or GOG to do so.

If you somehow missed playing Jotun when it first released, then I’ve got some good news for you. Jotun, the critically acclaimed Viking adventure is now free on PC and Mac, for the duration of this weekend. Simply by going to Jotun’s store page on either Steam or GOG, you can pick up the game for absolutely nothing. This is a permanent purchase, you won’t need to buy the game again once the clock strikes midnight on Sunday evening.

Jotun is on sale as a celebration for the release of Thunder Lotus Games’ next title, Sundred. You can currently pre-order Sundred for a discounted price of $17.99 on Steam or GOG. You’ll receive your copy once the game officially releases on July 28th.

No matter what kind of games you usually play, Jotun’s sale is an incredible bargain that needs to be used.  Jotun stars Thora, a recently deceased Viking woman as she goes on her journey through purgatory in order to reach  Valhalla. Her journey getting to the Norse heaven for fallen warriors isn’t so easy. Thora is forced to perform various feats in battle in an attempt to gain favor with the gods. This mainly consists of defeating titanically sized bosses assigned to Thora by the gods. Fortunately, every time Thora bests one of these ginormous bosses, the gods grant her a new weapon to use on her journey.

If that’s not enough, Jotun was made with a ton of love from Thunder Lotus Games. Every single frame in Jotun was completely hand drawn hand drawn by the staff. Each frame is lavished with incredible details. If the Zelda-esque gameplay doesn’t draw you in, the art and atmosphere most definitely will. The whole game is a love letter to classic stories from video games and Norse mythology. You can meet 12 Norse throughout the game, all of which were made painstakingly accurate to their more classical counter parts.

Pick up Jotun: Valhalla Edition on either Steam or GOG this weekend before it goes back up to 14.99. If you enjoy it, try out Thunder Lotus Games next adventure, Sundred when it releases on July 28th.