The 10 best shows based on a video game

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We list the ten best shows based on video games.

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Castlevania recently debuted as an animated series on Netflix, and the reception has been mostly positive. While far from perfect, it’s probably one of the best adaptations of a video game. But if you have watched various video game TV (or movie) adaptations over time, you know that isn’t a high bar. Most of them are bad; incredibly bad. Still, we cobbled together a list of the ten “best,” a few of which are surprisingly decent (but not most). Without further ado, here’s the list of the ten best TV shows based on a video game:

DIC Entertainment

#10.  Captain N: The Game Master

Make no mistake about it, Captain N: The Game Master is a bad show. It’s poorly animated, arguably gets every character wrong, and makes Mega Man and Kid Icarus two of the most annoying characters of all time.

And yet, still got some redeeming qualities that make it barely get onto this list above other trash. For one, it’s the only show to include multiple franchises. I already mentioned Mega Man and Kid Icarus, but you also have Metroid, Punch-OutCastlevania and much more. Decades before a movie like Wreck-It RalphCaptain N: The Game Master suggested that all video games are in a connected universe and took full advantage to have lots of Easter eggs and while we might not look back on it fondly now, then it was a wonderous show and idea to behold.

While most of the cast of Captain N: The Game Master ranged from forgettable to super annoying, I really enjoyed the portrayal of Simon Belmont, who in the show was a complete blowhard who could rarely back up anything he boasted. He was a lot like Captain Qwark from the Ratchet and Clank series. Also, while it made no sense, I also found the portrayal of main series villain Mother Brain, who sounded like an off-brand Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, to be pretty amusing as well.

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