Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is about to be overwhelmed by the undead

Everyone’s favorite battle royale, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new mode.

Already one of the most popular multiplayer shooters on any platform, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is going to getting some new content in the near future. Announced on the title’s official Twitter account, the game will at one point, be getting zombies added to the mix.

Before you get too excited, the devs made it quite clear the footage they showed off on social media is a very early build. They also are not willing to say just when the undead horde is going to be making its way into the game.

The game has been a work in progress since it was first launched on Steam, and there are plenty of people who saw the announcement who made it clear they’d rather issues get fixed before new content comes. Those people do have a point, though the game has gotten plenty of love, even if it has its quirks.

It’s also possible the developers know full well they need to fix things before they make additions. With no arrival date announced, or really on the horizon, it could be months before the zombies are added to the massive number of dangers that inhabit that world. Quite frankly, it strikes me as the perfect Halloween-themed addition to a game that could be quite a bit closer to full release by the time fall rolls around.

At the same time, it makes sense for the devs to strike while the iron is hot and bring something like that to the game before interest starts to fade. The game has come on like gangbusters, but the purported stability issues alone could eventually cause the player base to abandon the game.

Until we get more information, it’s all conjecture. But we do know Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be getting some crazy zombie hordes at some point.

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