E3 2017: Hidden Agenda and That’s You shown

Sony used their E3 2017 pre-show to showcase a new phone app called PlayLink that will tie into some games.

As much as E3 2017 is about new games and occasionally new hardware, sometimes it’s about new ways to play games on the hardware you already own as well. Sony showed off a new phone app this year that will potentially change the way you play multiplayer games called PlayLink.

PlayLink will allow people to participate in on their phones in a game without needing an extra controller. Not only does this eliminate the need to have several extra controllers, but it also means people who might not play games otherwise would have a good incentive to participate.

Sony showed off two brand new games that made use of PlayLink at their E3 2017 pre-show. The first was Hidden Agenda, which is from Supermassive Games, the makers of the very excellent Until Dawn. In Hidden Agenda, you play a cop who has to make life or death decisions. Much like Until Dawn, depending on your decisions, all the characters can die, but they can also live.Check out the E3 2017 trailer for

Check out the E3 2017 trailer for Hidden Agenda and how it uses PlayLink below:

The second game is a less serious party game simply titled That’s You that is a party game where you test your knowledge about your friends.

That’s You will be out in just a few weeks on July 4 and is free to PlayStation Plus members. Hidden Agenda is due out sometime later this year.