E3 2017: PS4 exclusive Spider-Man gets extended gameplay trailer, release window

While Spider-Man isn’t coming this year, a new trailer shows there’s plenty to be excited about when it does land.

Officially revealed a year ago, we’ve heard very little from America’s favorite wall-crawler since he was announced. At Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, we finally got a long look at Spider-Man and it doesn’t appear this game is going to disappoint.

Superhero games have a bit of a mixed history on current generation consoles. The Batman Arkham games have a devoted following but didn’t always win the critics’ hearts. The Injustice games have scratched a very specific itch but aren’t going to offer a truly immersive story. Deadpool was widely panned as just not good.

It appears it took Spider-Man jumping into the fray to finally scratch the itch for gamers who are looking for a truly immersive superhero experience. The new gameplay trailer shows Spidey going after a gang known as the Demons who are, themselves taking out some of the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk’s goons.

When our hero finally finds out who the boss of the Demons is, he goes on a wild chase through New York City following a helicopter that is doing quite a bit of damage to the skyline, thanks in no small part to Peter Parker’s webbing.

The best part of the video, other than the mind blowing action and graphics, is that the developers are clearly trying to capture the smart, funny and quirky world that has always been part of our favorite web-slinger.

The one piece of bad news is that Spider-Man isn’t going to be launching until 2018. Even worse is that we’re not sure whether this is a title that Sony has slated for early in 2018, or the Holiday shopping season. When it does launch, it will be a Sony PS4, PS4 Pro exclusive.

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