E3 2017 — New Call of Duty: WWII trailer

A new trailer for the latest Call of Duty, Call of Duty: WWII ,was shown at the E3 2017 PlayStation Showcase

The latest Call of Duty game, appropriately titled Call of Duty: WWII, takes the series back to where it began, the Second World War. That might sound like familiar territory, sure, but it’s been well over a decade since we had a proper Call of Duty game set in that era, and there have been a lot of advances in consoles that will make this WWII game an experience like few if any before it.

At the E3 2017 Playstation Showcase, we got to see some brand new footage that also showed off some new types of combat including using tanks and planes.

Check out the E3 2017 PlayStation Showcase trailer for Call Of Duty: WWII below:

I think we all know the Call of Duty franchise as a whole has been slipping the last few years. Sure, lots of people still snatch it up every year and it’s still one of if not the top seller every year. But it has been selling less and less for the past several installments.

Will going back to revisit one of the most covered wars in the history of video games be that special ingredient that brings some much-needed life, both critically and financially, back to the series? We will most certainly find out when Call of Duty: WWII comes out Nov. 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

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