E3 2017: God of War gets early 2018 release date

He came, he saw, he conquered, then he went to Scandinavia and had a son.

Everyone’s favorite cursed demigod got a new gameplay trailer during today’s Sony E3 Press Conference and a vague release date of “Early 2018.” Last year we got our first glimpse at the new God of War, which features a bearded Kratos complete with a new ax and, oh yeah, a son. This new trailer gave us a lot better idea of what the new story and gameplay will be like while still leaving plenty of room for further teasing before next year’s release.

From the looks of it, Kratos is struggling with fatherhood, and his attempt to reinvent himself with a new look and locale may not be working out as well as the “Ghost of Sparta” may have hoped. The trailer starts with him throwing his new ax away at the behest of his young son, but much like those pesky Blades of Chaos, this ax proves difficult to leave behind.

Just like with the Olympians, it appears Kratos will soon be at odds with the Norse pantheon. While we don’t actually see him kill any Norse gods, he is shown hacking through various ice zombies, ice giants, and ice … oh, and he has a new collapsible shield that looks pretty awesome.

This new installment is a clear departure from the look of the original God of War series but will maintain much of the same feel, with Kratos slashing, hacking and stabbing anything or anyone that gets in his way and all while doling out fatherly advice to his fresh-faced boy, who apparently knows how to speak “World Serpent.”

God of War releases early 2018.