E3 2017: Nintendo predictions, rumors & expectations

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Nintendo’s E3 2017 presentation has an aura of excitement, and we expect it to be one of Nintendo’s best E3s.

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an event that instills a sense of excitement and thrill for the gaming community. At E3 2016, Nintendo showcased just one title – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and that was more than enough to satisfy the needs of the Nintendo faithful. With that said; it is now looking like E3 2017 will have a far stronger showing from Nintendo, as the company is in prime position to continue to provide the Nintendo Switch with major software announcements that excite current owners and that will entice future customers. We know of Mario Odyssey, but Nintendo is always good for a few E3 surprises and this year has the potential to be one of Nintendo’s strongest and most exciting E3 presentations.

Here are our predictions on what we will definitely see at Nintendo’s E3 2017 presentation, what we think may be there, and what we hope to see:

Super Mario Odyssey

Credit: Nintendo

What we’re sure we’ll see – Super Mario Odyssey

Okay, sure, this is obvious – especially since Nintendo mentioned the game when outlining their E3 plans. With the Nintendo Switch entering its first holiday season later this year, Nintendo needs a major release to guide the Switch to strong holiday sales and who better for this job than Mario? The company gave us our first glimpse at Super Mario Odyssey in January, but they have been careful to not divulge too many details in regards to the game’s setting and the main plot.

E3 2017 is the perfect time to open the valve on the Super Mario Odyssey info pipe and to flood people with game details, footage, and a release date. We have much to learn about the game: like its setting, number of worlds, the new rabbit enemy types, and how Mario comes into possession his new hat.

And while gameplay details are of great important; one cannot forget the most important detail in regards to Super Mario Odyssey – the release date. Nintendo always positions their headline holiday software in November, and that is where I expect to see Mario Odyssey.

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