Plarium Announces Rio Match 3 Party For iOS and Android

In a rather out-of-character move, Plarium has taken on a much fluffier type of mobile game than usual, announcing Rio Match 3 Party for iOS and Android.

Plarium is a company with a roster of rather beefy-sounding titles; things like, “Stormfall: Rise of Balur,” and “Total Domination: Reborn,” and “Vikings: War of Clans.” They like MMOs, and have thus far stayed away from the less complex, ever-popular puzzling genres that flood the app store. No more, though, I guess, as they just announced via email press release their latest game: Rio: Match 3 Party. No Vikings in that, I’m guessing.

If your mind didn’t immediately leap to the 2011 film Rio when you saw that title, we’ll forgive you. I’d almost entirely forgotten about the cartoonish blue bird, which apparently inspired a 2014 sequel that was about as well received. The sudden presence of a Match 3 game three years after a hum-drum sequel makes me wonder if Blue Sky Studios has a third in the works and is trying to stir up buzz for the title again, but that’s beside the point of the game.

rio match 3

Credit: Plarium

Rio Match 3 Party throws no surprises. It’s your bog-standard Match-3 game, though with some admittedly impressive animations for a mobile game and full voice acting, if that’s the sort of thing you look for in a mobile puzzle game. Giving credit where it’s due, Plarium seems to have done their homework as to what the genre requires. There are hundreds of replayable levels, and progression isn’t roadblocked every two seconds by pay-to-continue timers, at least at the lower levels so far. The game is cute, and the music rather catchy. If Match-3 games are your jam, then Rio will do just darn fine.

Rio Match 3 Party is out now for free download on the App Store and Google Play.