WoW Token Can Now Be Used To Purchase Content

A WoW Token, which can be bought with gold from World of Warcraft, now has applications that expand beyond the world of Azeroth.

Remember about three months ago there was a report that a WoW Token would soon be used in exchange for more than just gold? The idea was that you could use it to exchange for both World of Warcraft playtime, in addition to currency, at the expense of World of Warcraft gold.

The time has come, as Blizzard has implemented this additional functionality to every WoW Token going forward. The details surrounding this added functionality are up on the World of Warcraft website, highlighting just how players can use their in-game gold laying around and exchange it for content in other Blizzard games.

By visiting your local Auction House, players can spend their WoW gold in order to purchase a WoW Token. The price of such a token is dynamic, changing by the day, but right now US Region players can buy one for about 62,000 gold. Once purchased, the item becomes soulbound, meaning the player must use it and choose whether to apply a month’s game time to their account or redeem for $15 USD (currency dependent on account’s region) in Blizzard’s currency.

Of course, for there to be demand, there has to be a supply. Any player can buy a WoW Token for $20 USD from their account, with the express purpose of putting it up for auction. At the moment you put it up at the Auction House, you will be quoted a price based on the current need. Once confirmed, it will eventually be sold at that price, no matter if the active price is higher or lower.

Before you plan on turning this into some sort of pyramid scheme, there are some restrictions to your balance. For example, you can use this currency to buy Hearthstone in-game products on desktop/laptop, but due to the nature of the Google Play and App Store services, you can’t use it for Hearthstone on mobile devices.

Additionally, you can’t make partial payments, either. So if you want to buy something in the cavalcade of services for $20 using a WoW Token, you will need to redeem at least two. Or, you know, you could always just buy some more with real money!

With a WoW Token now able to be used in the never-ending quest to find that last Overwatch skin you desperately crave, it will be interesting to see how the in-game economy reacts.