10 Dead Franchises They Should Bring Back On The Nintendo Switch

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#4. Golden Sun

This is the only Nintendo franchise I have on this list, and in a lot of ways, it’s the most baffling entry. Because despite three fairly successful entries, Golden Sun seemed to die with little to no fanfare after the third game. Granted, there might have been a perception that there just wasn’t a market for that type of RPG at the time, but given the recent success of game series such as Bravely Default and Fire Emblem, hopefully, somebody at Nintendo is revisiting the idea.

Aside from great traditional JRPG mechanics, one thing that was a trait of the Golden Sun series was that it was far more ambitious than the platform it was developed for at the time could handle. The first Golden Sun was supposed just to be a one-off game, but it was expanded into two games because the ideas and scope were just too ambitious for a little GBA cartridge. A new entry on Nintendo’s most powerful platform to date that is also portable could let Camelot (who also developed one of my other favorite old school RPG series, Shining Force) finally realize the series true potential. And if for some reason Camelot can’t do it, I’d love to see one of Nintendo’s in-house teams that make great series’ take a crack at it.

As I have mentioned previously, Nintendo home consoles have been sorely lacking in RPGs, and this is something they desperately need to fix. A revival of a well-loved classic RPG series associated with Nintendo platforms would be a very good start.

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