The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Launches December 20

Just in time for the end of a dreadful 2016, Telltale Games looks to bring the zombie apocalypse as a capper with The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

It may be hard to keep track of where Telltale Games is headed, what with the ongoing release of the Batman series and rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy title being their marvel series. However, for many, their widespread prominence in the gaming industry came with the 2012 consensus Game of the Year, The Walking Dead.

Now, more than four and a half years later, the third season approaches.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is the official title, as announced by Telltale Games on Twitter. The first episode of this season of episodic graphic adventures is set to kick off on December 20, 2016 with an unnamed Episode 1.

For the first time in Telltale’s version of The Walking Dead franchise, all versions of each episode will launch digitally on the same day. That means that the PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android downloads will all be available on December 20 through their respective digital storefronts.

“When family is all you have left… how far will you go to protect it?” asks the official blurb for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. “Four years after society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what cost? Can the living be trusted on this new frontier? As Javier, a young man determined to find the family taken from him, you meet a young girl who has experienced her own unimaginable loss. Her name is Clementine, and your fates are bound together in a story where every choice you make could be your last.”

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will also be released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. That’s right, a non-sports gaming franchise will continue to support the 7th generation of consoles into their fourth year of non-supremacy on the market.

You gotta give Telltale Games credit for continuing to push their games on all platforms. That is, unless The Walking Dead: A New Frontier falls into the same glitches, graphical errors, and technical slowdowns that previous seasons of the franchise has endured. Trust in “The Telltale Formula” is at its lowest; it would be a shame if all goodwill from this series was lost by trying to keep the PS3 and Xbox 360 relevant instead of pushing forward on the gameplay engine.

For those who appreciate physical copies, starting February 7, 2017 (perhaps just ahead if Episode 2), Telltale will be releasing The Walking Dead Season Pass Disc for PS4 and Xbox One. It will have Episode 1 on the disc, with access to subsequent episodes available as they are released.

Finally, PS4 digital pre-orders will receive access to The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: Michonne for free. Meanwhile, Steam users will get 10% off for pre-ordering.

To what extent does Clementine fit into The Walking Dead? Are any of the multiple endings from Season 2 canon? Will your choices ultimately matter beyond who will like/dislike you? We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out.