DragonVale World Innovates Mobile Dragon Raising Today

From the makers of DragonVale comes a shinier, newer way tto fill floating islands with adorable dragons. DragonVale World launches today.

I’m not sure when the whole dragon-breeding on floating islands mobile craze started, but it’s definitely one of the more popular pastimes on the App Store and Google Play right now–right up there with bottle flipping and Mario clones. DragonVale is arguably one of the best-known and highest-quality of the dragon breeding games but it soon will take a back seat to a new and improved version released by Backflip Games this morning–DragonVale World.

Somewhat awkward trailer aside, the actual gameplay of DragonVale World has just about everything you could want from such a title. Over 135 new dragons make their debut in this game, along with spells to change their appearances so that your park will truly be full of a wide variety of dragons.

Although elemental habitats, farms for food, and many other basic features will remain familiar to those who frequently play such titles, DragonVale World is certainly one of the smoother experiences out there in terms of progression and menu sensibility. It’s easier to manage large swaths of territory, and decorating has received significant improvements as well, meaning your park won’t look like a total hodgepodge of nonsense for very long.

DragonVale World is liberal enough with its paid currency via in-game means that you won’t feel obligated to pay up real money to have a halfway enjoyable experience, though you’ll still have to dedicate yourself if you want really rare dragons. You might not feel that you need them, though. The new graphics aren’t too shabby, with detailed 3D models giving you an up-close look at all of your dragon friends. Even the basic dragons look lovely and interesting.

If you’re ready to start a new dragon breeding adventure, DragonVale World is available now for free via the App Store and Google Play. I promise, there are no weird dragon courtship rituals like those in the trailer in the actual game.

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