Windows 10 Event: What Did Microsoft Announce?

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Several pieces of hardware and software were announced at today’s Windows 10 event. Here is what Microsoft revealed to the world.

Windows 10 logo


Like it or not, Microsoft has quickly shifted Windows users to Windows 10. Of those surveyed as part of Valve’s gaming service, Steam, more than 47% of users are using this operating system, close to doubling the second choice OS of PC gamers. Just over a year after the system’s release, it’s clear that Microsoft is in the early steps of unifying their brands together for use in simpatico with each other.

Yesterday’s Windows 10 Event represented Microsoft’s look into the future of their brands, whether it be hardware or software, and how they will work with Windows 10 going forward. We’ve seen how PC and console gamers have used the power of Windows 10 to Play Anywhere, but now it’s time to see the forest for more than just the trees.

Surface Studio Brings An All-In-One Windows 10 Desktop To Market

Over the past few years, Microsoft has turned their focus from a software and gaming devices company to create more and more hardware devices. Birthed from Surface line of portable computational tablets comes the Surface Studio.

It’s an All-In-One Microsoft desktop (a first), complete with a 28-inch, 12.5mm-thin LCD touchscreen that can display over a billion realized colors. Inside the PC is an Intel i7 processor, Nvidia 980M GPU, up to 4TB of storage and up to 32GB of RAM. Artists can use a new Surface Dial, where you can use it as a scrolling device for colors, projects, edits and other features while using the stylus pen in the other hand.

The biggest problem facing the Surface Studio is the price tag. Pre-orders are live starting at a whopping $3,000, making for an extraordinarily difficult entry point once it reaches market. Plus, there’s the whole concept of All-In-One devices being overpriced tools for niche markets, such as the “creatives” pandered to today.

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