Ken Griffey Jr. Is The Cover Star of MLB The Show 17

After nearly two decades since his last appearance in a video game, “The Kid” is back and will be on the cover of MLB The Show 17.

With America’s eyes turned to what could be a historic World Series, many are likely playing out what may happen in MLB The Show 16. But the question lately has been, what could MLB The Show 17 do that hasn’t been done? Well, something like this:

After a nearly two-decade long absence from sports video games, Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. is back and will grace a sweet-looking cover of next year’s Show.

Here’s a better look:

MLB The Show 17

Sony, San Diego Studio

Coming nearly 30 years after his MLB debut in 1989, “The Kid” is truly one of the greats of the modern era. In his 20-year career, the 13-time All-Star hit 630 home runs, won 10 Gold Gloves and is widely-regarded as one of the best all-around players in baseball history. He was also one of the biggest ambassadors of the game, serving as a large figurehead after the 1994 labor dispute between the MLB and its players.

His accomplishments earned him a near-unanimous selection into the Baseball Hall of Fame this past year.

It’s really cool to see him on the cover, but how (and if) he’ll be integrated into the experience of The Show still remains to be seen. Could there be a legends mode in which you play some of his finest hours? Maybe he’ll be a super overpowered boss in a Home Run Derby type mode. All of this is purely speculation, of course.

In fact, the cover is the only thing we really know about next year’s game, which will be out on March 28. Here’s what Sony had to say in the description of the above trailer:

MLB The Show 17 delivers the most realistic and personal baseball gaming experience on consoles. This year The Show offers exciting gameplay improvements and a greater ability to personalize your baseball experience.

What this could mean is anyone’s guess as of now. Until we get a trailer and more information, we’ll just have to wait and see what next year’s Show will be all about.