Inside Adds Intrigue, Joins Our Best PS4 Games List

As Inside makes its way to the PS4 today, so, too, does it join our list of the best PS4 games the platform has to offer.

A young boy goes out for an adventure, only the become involved in something much more vague, dark, and ominous than he could ever imagine. It’s hard to describe much more of what goes on during the 2-3 hour journey that is Inside, which takes great leaps from developer Deadplay’s debut, Limbo.

It’s an exploration-based adventure puzzle game where nobody says a word. Outside of the opening title card, nobody tells you what to do, where to climb or how to circumnavigate around the obstacles that lie in waiting. Instead, Inside provides you with a mysterious world to explore, giving you enough intrigue to explore further.

What exactly is this boy doing in the woods? Why is there a truck in the densely-packed woods, filled up with people? Why are there men with guns shooting any and all trespassers, and why do they have dogs at the ready? Where does that yellow cable running along the bottom of this lake go to? How do I get out of here alive?

All these questions are asked by the player, internally, within just the first few minutes of Inside, showcasing the developers’ ability to immerse the player in a muted world not quite like their own. While representing a minimalist visual style that has been used in video gaming before, there’s something odd missing from the picture that keeps you moving forward.

An inherent mystery about a dystopian, alternate modern reality will always have players guessing, but Inside takes those questions and flips them on their head with narrative twists and turns nobody could quite see coming. An alternate ending expands upon these possibilities, making it the perfect conversation piece among gaming fans.

Inside was originally launched on the PC and Xbox One, but with its arrival on the PS4 today it has also landed squarely on our list of the best PS4 games playable right now.