Politicians Jump On The Pokemon GO Bandwagon

It’s happened. Politicians are jumping on the Pokemon GO wagon. IS NOTHING SACRED?!

First it was Hotline Bling. Then it was Star Wars. Now, ever the opportunists to look as though they’re in with the times, our elected politicians are starting to recognize the insane popularity of Pokemon GO, and are duly getting on board with the trend.

This isn’t the first time that Pokemon has been a public point of reference for political leaders; in fact, presidential candidate Hermain Cain even quoted the Pokemon movie in his concession speech back in 2011.

But this band-wagoning is something on a whole other level. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders.

Congresswoman Judy Chu decides to fire some shots at Republicans via a Pokemon GO reference.

Really, Judy, really?! From the way she’s worded this, it sounds like Squirtle and Pikachu are both active supporters of the “No Fly No Buy” policy, but everyone knows that Squirtle is a staunch libertarian who would never even consider government expansion of any kind.

Here’s Representative Gwen Graham awkwardly petting a Poliwag.

She blames her interns for forcing her hand to get in on the picture, but we know better than that. The Poliwag demographic makes up a huge portion of the population in North Florida’s Second Congressional District, and Graham needs all the support she can get if she intends to run for Governor in 2018.

Moving on, the Mayor of New York throws a majorly patronizing put-down towards Pikachu in this rather pretentious tweet.

Did it never occur to him that Pikachu could have actually been used to fight some of this crime? I mean, she can incapacitate foes with lightning! Jeez, Bill, the least you could have done was ask. Also, super cool hashtag, dude.

The Digital Director for the upcoming GOP Convention (yes, that’s a real job) has also gotten in on the Pokemon craze, showing Bulbasaur to be already waiting in line for a seat at the show.

Bulbasaur’s a registered superdelegate for the convention, but rumor has it he’s toying with the idea of throwing his weight behind a third-party challenger. Crafty little fella.

Finally, Congressman Jared Polis claims to have spotted an Exeggcute in the House of Representatives the other day. His lack of evidence is apparently due to the fact that no photos were allowed at the time, but we know better than to trust a politician on words alone.

Have we not learned from the recent House sit-in, Jared? Periscope the action, damn it!

Speaking of politics and Pokemon, popular web-cartoonist Kris Straub proposed a brilliant idea to tackle the rapidly declining levels of voter turnout in US elections.

This may seem like a novel, if ultimately unfeasible idea at first but, seriously, that could really work.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), no references have yet been made by either of the presidential candidates. We’re honestly pretty surprised Hillary Clinton hasn’t already adorned her logo with the colors of a Pokeball, but it’s probably only a matter of time. As for Trump, he’s totally part of those Team Mystic scrubs.