BoxBoxBoy! Joins Our Best Nintendo Games List

BoxBoxBoy!’s simplistic aesthetic, smart puzzles, and bargain price make it a well-worth a spot on our Best Nintendo Games List.

BoxBoxBoy! released quietly on the 3DS eShop on the last day of June. Pay attention, though. HAL Laboratory, the studio behind charmers such as the Kirby series and Earthbound, has delivered another gem. One worth of inclusion on our list of Best Nintendo games available right now.

The sequel to last year’s BoxBoy!, a game that should also be played, takes what made Qbby’s adventures so endearing and adds an additional layer. In the original, puzzles were solved with a single set of reusable boxes. The goal was to guide Qbby to the end of each 2D stage. The result was a mix of classic Nintendo sidescrollers combined with a bit of Tetris.

In the sequel, the puzzles have gained new complexity. Qbby can now create two set of boxes at a time. This ability elevates BoxBoxBoy! from a minimalistic puzzle-platformer to an ingenious system of design with deceptive depth.

At $4.99, BoxBoxBoy! is a ridiculous bargain alone, but given its abundance of content, it’s practically a steal. 79 main levels, dozens of challenge stages, and three playable characters.

Each stage has something to teach. The methodic delivery of knowledge and playing techniques is paced perfectly. It’s a near perfect blend of platforming and puzzling. While the visuals are plain black, white and gray, they only further preach gameplay over graphics. It scratches the nostalgia itch for games that focus on doing one thing really well instead of doing a variety of things average.

BoxBoxBoy! has earned a spot on our list because of its clever execution, but also because it is consistently fun. Your skills in maneuvering Qbby grow gradually throughout the campaign. It’s a subtle teacher. Brilliant level design, and expertly designed puzzles make BoxBoxBoy! one of the best puzzle games in recent memory, and a more than worthy addition to our Best Nintendo Games List.